Umoja Boys

Umoja Boys

Umoja, the sunshine duo from the rainy Netherlands, set off for a single musical trip somewhere in 2011.
Unaware of the magnitude of this trip, the guys have been exploring rhythm, sound and culture from all over the globe. Ever since, they are dedicated to combine electronic production techniques with an ever-growing understanding of the variety of roots music our world has to offer.

Umoja functions as curator and initiator of the record labels Piri Piri & INI Movement. Their first release was “Je Ka Lo!”, released in 2012 on INI Movement. Since back then, their voyage has taken the duo to gain support from great artists such as Jeremy Sole, Batida, Nicola Cruz, Sam Redmore, Nickodemus, Gilles Peterson, Alma Negra and many more. They also have been supported by organizations of international reputation like Akwaaba music, Okayafrica, Sound & Colours magazine & Remezcla.

Throughout the top productions and remixes, Umoja has delivered several musical treasures such as Bilongo Con Sandunga, Mo Fiya!, Danzi! and La Piragua which have conquered the taste of followers from all over the planet. Since Umoja’s music crosses borders and genres, they have released on some of the best record labels from all over the globe: ZZK (Argentina), MultiCulti (Canada), Sello Regional(Chile), Mawimbi Records (France) and Hot Casa (France)

Umoja has managed to stay innovative with their sound, while continuously showcasing their live DJ sets all over Europe. Since their debut in Kenya, December 2016, they have made plans to go back september this year to go into the studio with local heroes and punch the envelope of African dance music.

Don’t miss out on a full musical experience of culture, roots and dance with nothing but positive vibes!