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“The Walls We Built”


‘The Walls We Built’ seeks to create a platform of international exchange and artistic expression through building up an international cooperation between Rwandan, Ugandan and German Artists, while at the same time creating a platform of exchange for people all over the world.

This project is going to be an audio-visual installation with an incorporation of different performing art forms (dance, poetry, theatre, film, sound and light design) and a live music performance


For auditive und visual projects of all kind of artistic expressions, dealing with the topics of walls, borders and identity (performative works, podcasts, paintings, pictures, installations, short films, interviews etc.). For us it’s important, that the artists are presenting their own perspective on these topics and make them visible for others through their work.

Works will be presented at the BAYIMBA FESTIVAL OF THE ARTS (1st to 4th of August and in Berlin and Hildesheim (Germany) in September 2019.


A space of international exchange for artists from Rwanda,Uganda, Germany and Morocco, and the possibility to present their work in an international context.

DEADLINE of submission is the 18th of July 2019

Please send your work, a description of your work (in English) and a CV to

We are looking forward to your submissions!

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