The Project Inye

The project Inye (one) is a newly founded collaboration between a young group
of artists of diverse backgrounds.
In the midst of their studies at the UCT music campus Ayanda (South Africa),
Nobuhle (South Africa), Jorge (Colombia) and Kerim (Germany) decided to get
together to try and create something different.
As all four of them are very invested especially in exploring traditional and
contemporary African music it was clear that the sound created had to relate to
these explorations. At the same time it seemed very important to the group to
push beyond the singularity of one musical culture and to create a sound
retaining its African heritage whilst combining modern elements with it.
At the heart of the project is the Timbila a xylophone emerging from the Chopi
culture of southeastern Mozambique.
It’s distinct sound and tuning creates a very uncommon foundation on which the
songs are built.
Alongside with the Timbila a bass synth, drumset and vocals (singing, rap,
spoken word) join together to complete the vision the four musicians developed.
Besides the aim to create a new soundscape the project also challenges the
Eurocentric idea of tuning systems by combining the chromatic twelve-note
scale of the synthesiser with the equidistant seven-note scale of the Timbila.
This combination may appear odd to the ear of musicians and music lovers
accustomed to the European “tempered” sound but as the music goes on the ear
quickly adapts to the new texture of sound.
The musicians hope to help decentralizing the perception of right and wrong in
music globally in this way and to open up the minds of themselves as well as of
those that listen.

Band cast:
Ayanda Shaun Tyaliti – Vocals
Nobuhle Ashanti Mazinyane – Synthesizer/Piano
Jorge Iván Sepúlveda Castro – Drumset
Kerim Melik Becker – Timbila