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Swabiriina Mataali Group

Swabiriina Mataali Group

Swabirina  Mataali is an entertainment group that majors in Islamic rhymes.  It began in 2013 by Mulinda Badru . Swabirina is an Arabic word meaning patience.

After having training in music, dance and drama from prominent drama and mataali groups Mulinda Bdaru  decided to begin his own Mataali group which would suit the demands of the audience like the Islamic dancing ( kuzikira) and stylic singing from talented Khalifas.

 The group performs on different functions like Kwanjula (introduction), Dhuwa, Akiika, Shukuru, graduation and wedding ceremonies. Swabiriina Mataali group is known for her energizing and vigorous singing of different mataali rhythms like the Kiganda, Swahili and Kisoga style.

The group started with only five members however currently the group has over 30 members including the dancers (abazikizi). The dancers and their soft bodies as always made the performance colorful and wonderful. 


The group is located in Kitebi – Wankulukuku near Kampala University.


  1. To provide a quality and vigorous performance.
  2. To unite and develop peoples talents 
  3. To make the youths improve on the financial status.
  4. Teach and preach Islam through colorful performances which can soften people hurts and starting making important religious decisions.


 Talent is gold


To Provide an educating, entertaining and colorful performances.