Street Dance Force – S.D.F.

Street Dance Force - S.D.F.

Street Dance Force – S.D.F is a dance group from Jinja that was founded in 2010 by Elasu Elvis, Kaweesi Medi and Ndaula Emma who developed their and street dancing and Hip Hop skills through the Youth & Hip Hop Uganda training workshops. The group, that is composed of a diverse gropu of people and is engaged in street/break dance, African and contemporary dance, Afro Hip Hop, dance hall, beat boxing, rapping, graffiti design, poetry and motivational speaking. The group aims to inspire, perform, create and bring street dance to a new level of professionalism. The members train and teach at Talanta Youth Movement at St. Jude Straining Centre. The first performance of the group was at the May 2010 Bayimba Regional Festival in Jinja, which is now followed by their performance at the Bayimba International Festival.