Santuri Safari ft. Jonas My Radio, My Voice

Santuri Safari

Santuri Safari is a collaborative music project supporting underground electronic sounds in East Africa. It seeks to engage various stakeholders like radio DJs, performing DJs and producing DJs in developing musical products with a strong East African identity, emphasising new music, fusion projects, remixes and edits to enhance and eventually replace the dominating mainstream foreign music played on radios and in clubs. The Santuri Safari project was piloted at Sauti za Busara festival in February 2014, and then travelled to Uganda to join DOADOA l East African Performing Arts Market in Jinja, May 2014, was recently omnipresent at the Rift Valley Festival in Navaisha, Kenya and will now feature at the 7th edition of the Bayimba International Festival.

This time Santuri Safari will be linked up with Jonas Hummel (Germany), a musician, electronic artist and sound-/video engineer working with various multi-media technologies. Facilitated by Goethe-Zentrum Kampala, Jonas will hold a workshop prior to the festival on building hyrbid music instruments. The new sounds produced will then feature at the Santuri Safari sessions.