Ruyonga is a Ugandan Gospel Hip Hop artist collaborating with YEGO Productions Ltd under Kinetic Management Group (KMG). Having been out of the country for about a decade, he seems to be making up for lost time.

Ruyonga’s music seems to cut across different ages and class brackets, but mostly urban youth and young adults. In just the last two years being back home, Ruyonga has had songs top most of the city’s urban radio countdowns. He has been interviewed on many of the Country’s main TV and radio stations, and has done songs and remixes with many of the country’s artists, both gospel and otherwise. In addition, he won a continent wide competition to do an alternate version of South African Rap Icon Proverb’s “Writer’s Club”, getting picked out of over 300 submissions. His launch and subsequent album release early August 2012 and 2013 was not only very well attended but heralded as one of the surprisingly better live shows. His music reaches a wide array of audiences with his focus on the day to day relevant issues concerning his generation and community, as well as touching deeply on his strong Christian faith. Outside of Uganda, Ruyonga has collaborated with and performed alongside quite international artists as well.