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Newz Beat Uganda

The Newz Beat

Newz Beat Uganda is a program featuring on NTV for young people, by young people, about the issues that matter to young people. The programme is delivered in verse and rhyme by Lugaflow artists Lady Slyke, Survivor and MC Loy that take the place of news anchors. As “newsicians” they collaborate to pen their rhymes, which are then put to music and beats composed by local producer DJ Nesta. The popular TV quartet are set to present a special performance of their rhyme and beat skills “live” at the coming Bayimba International Festival.

Mc Loy, at 13 years old, is surely the youngest rapping newscaster in Africa. Her family nurtured her talent and passion for music since the early age, as she sang and danced in the family choir. In 2009, inspired by her older brother Xross Catalyst, she joined him in the “Bavubuka Allstarz” project led by the Lugaflow pioneer Babaluku. She honed her rap skills and became a true wizard of the spoken verse. In 2011 MC Loy left Bavubuka and, together with Xross, started her own squad “1816 Clique”. She has been featured in multiple TV and radio shows, including Planet K on NTV, and had the honor of performing for President Museveni at the Uganda 50 years celebrations.

Lady Slyke has been active on the Ugandan music scene as an MC, rapper, song-writer since the late 90s. She is the first female to rap in Luganda. Slyke performed at various local and international festivals. Her “Mother Africa” song featured on Palm Awards best hip-hop song of 2005. Slyke believes in the power of music to empower youth and a tutor to many young artists, teaching rap poetry and song-writing. She has collaborated with GNL, Vampino, Sylvester and Abramz, Jahcity to name a few, as well as European hip-hop musicians.

Survivor is the third born in a musically gifted family of six. He claims to have “music in his genes”, and not for no reason. His late father James Lubyayi played with the Afrigo Band in its early days, while among his brothers you will find talented artists like Simon Base Kalema, Ian Kagimbo, Sylvester and Abramz. Survivor started writing rhymes at the age of 10 and, like most rappers of that time, learned it simply by imitating his favorite MCs before developing his own unique style. Survivor believes in exploring one’s full potential and pursuing one’s dreams, his motto being ‘Living once is enough, only if u dare to live.’

DJ Nesta is the grandfather of reggae selectors in Uganda. He is a professional Deejay, audio producer, sound engineer and musician. He started spinning in 1996 with his brother Ras Brown, and subsequently formed Ras Clan Entertainment, which became crucial in promoting reggae music in Uganda. Nesta performed at Club Rouge, Silk, AngeNoir and other major venues. Since 2000 he has been producing songs at his current studio Cas de Ras. He has done charity work with children in Northern Uganda and actively gives back to the community by promoting upcoming artists, organizing music workshops for youthc. Although behind the scenes of NewzBeat Uganda, he is the brain and ear behind the beat and oversees the recording process.

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