Mwanase Ahmed

Mwanase Ahmed was born and raised on Lamu Island, Kenya. Mwanase first became infatuated by the hula hoop while living in The United States in 2010.

Her passion organically developed into a work of art. Teaching in schools, entertaining at fairs, distributing custom hoops and performing alongside musicians, Mwanase now continues her performance art in Kenya. Dancing at private events, concerts, festivals, weddings, beach parties, on boats, terraces and beyond, her state-of-the-art LED hula hoop produces over 150 dazzling patterns and the magical fire hula hoop warms any crowd or moment. Mwanase has recently hooped alongside many international and Kenyan musicians including Wankelmut, Seth Schwartz, Be Svendson, UMOJA (Kilifi New Year) Mungo’s Hi Fi, Charlie P and more, and also with an array of talented Kenyan musicians such as Sauti Sol, Eddie Grey, Blinky Bill, Bengatronics, Mikhail Kuzi, Suraj, L.A. Dave, Foozak, Dread Steppa, Riz Ibrahim (Kenya Nights) and Maad Orchestra to name a few!

Mwanase’s hoops have left magical and mesmerizing trails in almost every coastal town from Lamu Island to Diani, including a number of performances in Nairobi.

Mwanase’s Facebook Page

Mwanase starring in Blinky Bill’s ‘Kwani Iko Nini’ music video