Madoxx Ssematimba

Maddox Sematimba

Madoxx Ssematimba was born in Kampala, Uganda. In 1991 he moved to Sweden, a journey that would change his life forever. On arrival, he picked his guitar and started performing in night-clubs to earn an extra Swedish krona to pay for his studies. He was introduced to a variety of musicians thereafter and toured Europe with Swedish-based reggae band Nazarenes. He then released his solo album Tukolagane and grew out to a star. He performed and rocked big crowds and received massive air play on Ugandan FM stations.

His recent album “Abato” is a 12-track album no reggae fan should miss. His unique vocals and strong message in his songs puts him in a stellar position when it comes to reggae in Uganda, Africa and the entire world. With this album Maddox is making another great contribution to the music industry. Revelers at the Bayimba International Festival will be a witness to this.