Jackie Senyonjo

Jackie Senyonja

Jackie Senyonjo is a multiple award winning artist best known for her string of hits like Bumper, Ndopeera Gwe, Neetaga gwe and Gyogenda.

Jackie Senyonjo is a songwriter, singer and choir director. She started singing in her teenage years in scripture union and in 1999 joined Kansanga Miracle Center Choir where she developed her musical talent. She went on to start a group called EXTANOL with two friends and released a hit single Gyogenda (Everywhere you go). The group eventually split but Jackie stayed on course, launching out in 2008 as a solo act. Since then, Jackie has two albums under her belt, Nandibadewa and Ndoperagwe, and her name has become a household name in Uganda.

Jackies music comes in a range of styles from RNB, to raggae, zouk and afrobeat. She has shared the stage with Keke in South Africa and Aity from Nigeria and has become a sought after musician in countries like Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, Denmark and Sweden.