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Iddi Masaba

Iddi Masaba

Genre: Traditional (Luwengele)

Iddi Masaba is well known for being the ambasador of bamasaba traditional music called Luwengele. He put to life this traditional feel in 1990 after realizing the gap between his culture and the market. Iddi Masaba started creating music in 1990, recording his first hit single titled Nabudwale. This was a major break through for his career and the bamasaba culture at large. This single was recorded in the first ever studio in Mbale at st. Austin Cathedral. In 1991 he formed the Nanyuza youth band that rocked the region with lots of live music till today. Iddi Masaba and the Nanyuza youth band have recorded 8 albums, and they are currently in Thatch records creating their 9th album that will be out out late this year.

Iddi Masaba has performed at many shows in and out of the country including the kigunda kya radio simba in 2004, cultural festival in Bungoma, Kenya, the recently concluded Mbale Buzz music and cultural festival. He was recently recognized by the bamasaba cultural institution ‘Inzu ya Masaba’ as great musical icon of the bamasaba chiefdom.

Iddi Masaba has and is still inspiring, educating and preaching good messages through his masterpieces.