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Hola Jefe

Hola Jefe

A professional disk jockey, music producer and rapper currently based in Kampala, Uganda.

HOLA JEFE’s musical journey started at a young age, creating mixes & burning CD’s for young party goers in East Africa. Several years along the road HOLA JEFE touched down in the dynamic city of San Francisco, California where his career as a DJ took off.

During a time of profound musical exploration and experimentation, HOLA JEFE discovered his love for electronic music. HOLA JEFE has played alongside the likes of Maphorisa, Seth Schwarz, Stereo Express, Floyd Lavine, Le Croque, David Mayer, Enoo Napa and many more respected talents in the global electronic music industry.

The multiple and vivid eye opening experiences HOLA JEFE experienced throughout his journey set him on the mission he is on today; to promote the culture of LOVE through his vibrant, soulful and unique rhythms. HOLA JEFE’s beats are heart piercing and get every fiber in your body pulsating, always leaving you asking for more. HOLA JEFE has a producer’s ear, which can be heard in his flawless transitions between tracks, his synchronicity and his exceptional taste in music.

Prepare to transcend above your norm.