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Artists of all disciplines are invited to submit their applications – Applications are accepted until 30th April 2019


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Tickets
  2. Location
  3. Opening Hours
  4. How to get to Lunkulu
  5. Accommodation
  6. Paying at the festival
  7. Services on location
  8. Festival rules
  9. Info on Uganda

1- Tickets

How much are the tickets?
  • Full Festival Pass: 70,000 UGX – including camping space
  • One Day Festival Pass: 20,000 UGX – this does NOT include camping

You can buy your tickets right away online and at various physical locations in Kampala, Jinja and Mukono. You can also buy your ticket on location (cash) but we advise you to buy it in advance to avoid queues at the entrance.

For more info to to the Tickets page.

How to book ONLINE tickets?

Book your tickets at Ticket Sasa. Note that our ticketing partner Pesapal has the following online payment options:

  • e-wallet pesapal
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • MTN Mobile Money
  • Airtel Money
  • EzeeMoney

NOTE: Pesapal does not have the option to pay via PayPal. For those who want to pay for tickets via PayPal, please click here.

Where can I buy tickets?

Physical tickets

Purchase of physical tickets is possible at the following locations:


  • Round Bob – Lutheli Av. (Bugolobi)
    you can also book a full festival package at Round Bob.
  • Design Hub (Industrial Area)
  • Coffee at Last (Makindiye)
  • East African Records (Muyenga)
  • La Foret (Muyenga)
  • 32 East Ugandan Arts Trust (Kansanga)
  • Sami Hostel / opposite Law Development Centre (Makerere Hill)
  • Dope Music


  • Skizar
  • Stonefest


To follow

For Online tickets > see the question above

What is the minimum age?

You must be at least 18 years of age to purchase any advanced festival passes, ticket packages or individual tickets.

Can I get a ticket refund?

No refunds, transfers, or resale permitted. Ticket holders must be in the appropriate landing sites to board the boat or walk to the island in time before the festival starts. There are no ticketing privileges.

Can I change the name on my ticket?

Name changes will be allowed after purchase for a 10,000 UGX fee. If you purchase two passes, we will request the second name and a unique email for the pass. The deadline for the name transfers will be communicated on purchase order.

2- Location

Where does the festival take place?

The festival will take place at Lunkulu Island on the shore of Lake Victoria off Mukono/Katosi road, 42 km from Kampala and 60 km from Jinja, and can be easily reached by road and can be accessed by boat.

Lunkulu Island
0°10’34.9″N 32°53’09.2″E
0.176358, 32.885882

Search on Google Maps for “Bayimba Festival Grounds”

The Location page has route maps.

Do you have a map of the location?

Yes, go to the “Location” page to view maps of where Lunkulu is located.
You can also download this PDF with the location maps.

3- Opening Hours

What are the opening hours?

4- How to get to Lunkulu

How to get to Lunkulu with my own car?

If coming by own car you are requested to travel through Nkokonjeru to join for the official festival parking area at Namaziina landing site from where you can cross to Lunkulu Island by footbridge. For directions see the route map. 

Note that vehicles cannot access the island.

How to get to Lunkulu by Private transport?

Various private transport options (from the airport as well as Kampala) are available. You can cross to Lunkulu Island by boat from Kibanga port and landing site (drop off/KissAndDrive only) or by foot bridge from Namaziina landing site.

Note that all drop offs and pick ups at Kibanga Port and landing site will be allowed till 7 pm.


See the How to get to Lunkulu page for more details

How to get to Lunkulu by Public transport?

Public transport from the Old Taxi park in Kampala using a matatu will cost 5,000/= UGX to Kisoga town on Katosi road. From there one can use a boda boda ranging from between 3,000/= to 5,000/= UGX to Kibanga port from where you can cross with a boat to Lunkulu Island.

From Mukono, you can take a matatu for 3,000/= UGX at the Mukono park located in Mukono town near Collin Hotel to get to Kisoga town on Katosi road. From there you can use a boda boda ranging from between 3,000/= to 5,000/= UGX to Kibanga port where you can cross with a boat to Lunkulu Island.

I am coming from outside Uganda, what should I do?

All visitors from outside Uganda require a Visa and Yellow Fever Card to enter Uganda.


The nearest airport is Entebbe International airport which is directly served by a range of airlines.  Airport transfers are available and can be booked through Round Bob.


There are various bus companies connecting to Uganda from across the region (Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda etc.). A special festival tour package for visitors from Kenya is arranged in partnership with Picnic Entity – click here!

See also our Info on Uganda page.

5- Accommodation

Do I have to bring my own tent?

Camping is free for Full Festival Pass holders. It is advised you come with your tent and camping gear. If you do not have a tent, pre-pitched tents can be hired for all the festival days through our partner Round Bob.

Only tents are allowed – there is no space for campers.

There will be no electricity but there will be mobile phone charging points.

There will be basic sanitary facilities.

Can I hire a tent?

If you do not have a tent, pre-pitched tents can be hired for all the festival days through our partner Round Bob.

What are the options for off-site accommodation?

Those in need of other accommodation can check out Jumia for hotel options.

For more info on nearby accommodation (15 – 25 km) see the Accomodation page

6- Paying at the festival

How do I register for the BAYIMBA CARD?

Instructions on how to create a BAYIMBA account in order to receive your BAYIMBA CARD can be found here.

7- Services on location

What about food and drinks?

There will be a wide range of food and drinks available at the festival location. Alcohol (beers and spirits) will be sold at the festival at regular Uganda prices. Snacks and dishes range from fresh fish, local food, BBQ.

It is forbidden for visitors below 18 year to buy or consume alcohol or tobacco.

Is there a shop?

There will be a shop at the camping space where you can buy (in limited quantities) toothbrushes, toothpaste, towels, bathing soap, lotion etc.

Are there toilets and showers?

There are toilets available on the festival location while the camping areas also have washing opportunities (showers).

How can I charge my phone?

Mobile charging points will be available at the camping sites.

Will there be an ATM?

There will be a Centenary Bank ATM service machine on location that allows the use of Visa, MasterCard. Mobile money agents will also be present across the site.

Will there be internet?

Unfortunately, the festival will not have internet services this time.

8- Festival Rules

What should I bring?
  • Your advance tickets and your valid ID!

We will be using a new check-in and payment system whereby every visitor will need to present a valid ID for identification and registration to get your Bayimba Card. 

  • Closed shoes, sandals/flip flops
  • Cap, sun glasses, sun lotion, mosquito repellent

We recommend you to refresh yourselves with lots of alcohol-free drinks, apply lots of sun lotion to yourselves and wear caps.

What you should NOT DO!

 We value a culture of mutual respect and respect for the environment. The following things are therefore to note: 

  • Fire: to protect the environment at Lunkulu Island open fire is not allowed!
  • Water: swimming is only allowed in designated areas!
  • Waste: to keep the location wonderful we request you to keep the island clean by participating in waste collection and recycling!
  • Trade: it is not allowed to sell products without having been explicitly registered as a vendor by the organisation – handing out flyers without the explicit permission of the organisation is also forbidden.
  • Sexual violence/intimidation: is not in any way tolerated – please report any case to the First Aid facility and the organisation!

We are positive that you understand these guidelines and rules as part of a mutual cooperation.

9- Info on Uganda

What vaccinations do I need for Uganda?

A certificate of Yellow Fever Vaccination is required on entry to Uganda and checked at entry.