Chrispin Ngabirama


Chrispin Ngabirama is the 8th child in a family of eleven from Rwanda. He was born in Bujumbura, Burundi because his parents sought refuge from the genocide in Rwanda. Already as a little boy Chrispin used to sing in church together with his old brother and was inspired by the Kings of Reggae and African rooted music. He started his first group “Rwanda Family” in 2004, dedicated to the love for his country and his desire to see his people being united.

In 2008, he started his career as a solo singer and became to be known as the promoter of human values and the renewal of African society through reggae music. The positive messages in Chrispin’s music go back to his own background of suffering the consequences of injustices in his home country. Ever since, his musical career has made giant leaps. He was invited to participate in different events, including the famous Rwandan event FESPAD. He also participated as the Rwandan representative in the RAP Song Project of Youth Incentives, a programme on youth and sexuality of the Rutgers Nisso Groep from the Netherlands. In the meantime, he has released two albums – “Adieu l’Afrique Shida” and “African Moment” – and is now working on his 3rd album “Face à l’Injustice” (against injustice).