CAB – that is brought to you by Alliance Française Kampala – is the meeting of African, Caribbean and Brazilian music orchestrated by Canonge (A Carib from the Caribbean) – Adriano( Brazilian from Brazil) – Bassy (an African from Cameroon)

Mario Canonge

Mario Canonge is a pianist from Martinique. He started playing in his teen years and accompanied the church choir. From 1979, he studied music in Paris and played in several bands before forming Ultramarine, a jazz-rock-fusion band along with Nguyen Lê and Etienne Mbappé. His talent won quick recognition and he becomes in demand. In 1991, he started a solo career with “Retour aux sources”. It is a turning point in his career which leads him to go back to his roots and its music: Mazurka and Biguine mixed with jazz and zouk. Mario continues to play with other artists though: with Andy Narell, Michel Alibo and Jean-Philippe Fanfant he creates Sakésho. He also plays with musicians originally from Africa such as Etienne Mbappe, Gino Sitson, Manu Dibango. In 2004, he releases his album “Rhizome” which was followed by a Pan-American tour. In 2008, Mario tours Europe and the American continent with Linley Marthe and Chander Sardjoe and releases a «live» album.

Blick Bassy

Blick Bassy formed his first band, The Jazz Crew, which already reflected his penchant for bossa nova, when he was 17. In 1996, at the age of 22, he took part in the creation of Macase, one of the most inventive “jazz fusion” groups that proliferated in the clubs in Cameroon and that collected well-known African prizes (Prix Découvertes RFI, Masa, Kora). His debut album “Leman” was released in 2009 by World Connection Label which was followed by performances at festivals and venues all over the world including Japan, Brasil and USA. Blick is “a man of the world” in the best sense of the word: rooted in his land but also a traveller in his soul, open to all cultures. His second opus, “Hongo Calling”, is a passionate musical travelogue. He follows the tragic “slave route” from Cameroon to Brazil, passing through Benin, Senegal and Cape Verde. In the course of his musical travels, he uncovers the missing link between the two continents that once were one.

Adriano José dos Santos Tenorio

Born in 1981 to a great bass player, Narriman Tenorio, Adriano José dos Santos Tenorio quickly revealed his great talent for music when he built his first own drums made of large dishes and casseroles. Being born in one of the richest cultural place in Brazil, Adriano inherited a great diversity and fickleness which makes his music unique and special. Having hundreds of rhythms, hundreds of instruments, thousands of melodies and harmonies in his mind, he has a great deal of fun creating a new musical sensation each time. He has worked as a percussion and bass player on the BACIA SONORA project, with percussion player Gustavo Di Dalva and Gilberto Gi. Settled in Europe since 2007, Adriano saw his music grow, mixed with other sounds and great artists such as Javier Ruibal, Lyexà, Lilbert Fortuny, Paulinhos Lemos, Munir Hossn, Mokhtar Samba, Tekere, Marcia Maria, Catia Werneck, Vincent Bidal, Woz Kaly, Mayra Andrade. Adriano enjoys this cultural mixture and uses it to show us that music is infinity.