Bana Mutibwa aka Burney Mc

Burney MC

Bana Mutibwa is a direct Luganda translation that derives from his original nick name Burney MC. He was born Walakira Richard in 1989 in the suburbs of Kampala. Bana Mutibwa is a Hip Hop activist who raps and talks for Hip Hop in Uganda. “The 2011 Music and Entertainment Young Achievers Award” winner is also member of the Luga Flow Army, a rap group that fronts and protects the uniqueness of rapping and emceeing in local languages. As an ambassador of the global End of the Weak in Uganda, a movement aimed at Hip Hop cultural improvement, he advocates for languages so call him the Luga Flow Revolutionary Activist. Bana Mutibwa released his first CD “Uganda Passport” on 12/12/12, packaged with messages of a Ugandan who wants to be a global citizen. His currently working on an album entitled “Soldier of the Year”.

Bana Mutibwa has played in Kenya, Tanzania, Germany, France, Denmark and Czech Republic. He has opened up for Emmanuel Jal and shared the stage with world reknown Hip Hop artists like Kendrick lamar, Dela Soul, Big Daddy Kane, Prago Union among others.