Betty G

Betty G

Bruktawit Getahun, also known by her stage name Betty G, is an upcoming artist striving to become a star. She was born and raised in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia. She went to Lycée Gebre Mariam, a french high school fom which she graduated in 2006. She pursued higher education by attending Commercial College of Addis Abeba University as well as a French University called Université de L’IAE Poitier via correspondence. In 2009 she graduated with a dual degree in office management and general management.

Even though she spent most of her time in school her passion for music was born with her. She was so devoted in her singing career that she started singing in different night club when she was still in high school. She worked with noted Ethiopian artists such as Theodros Kassahun (Teddy afro), Zeritu Kebede , Jhonny Raga, Natenael Ayalew (Nhatty Man) and many more. She has also collaborated with a Nigerian artist Ras Kimono to create awareness to global warming and the damage it causes to our environment.

Her ability to sing in French, English and Amharic could possibly be her golden ticket into the international market. She aspires to show her Ethiopian heritage in her work and bring more exposure to the richness and beauty of her culture. Her travel to the United States was the first step in the efforts of attaining her goal. During her stay in the US she had the chance to collaborate with even more artists one of which is Tomas Doncker, a jazz artist. She also performed at the blue note jazz club in New York. Her experience in New York lead her to Studio Samuel, a nongovernmental organization that helps empower women in Ethiopia so they can overcome poverty and change their lives. She currently holds the title of Ambassador for Studio Samuel. As of late she is working on her album with a group called One Vision Production under Xposure entertainment. Artist Natenael Ayalew (Nhatty Man) plays an active role by mentoring and helping her during the process of production. She’s even evolved Ethiopian producer Henock Negash and the famous Ras band, to help breathe a new life in Ethiopian music. To summarize Betty G is an amazing singer with charismatic and captivating stage presence. But she is not solely an entertainer but an ambassador for the growth of her people; she has the vision, the talent, and the passion to bring her goals to fruition.


Manew Fitsum November 2015
Sigma Entertainment and Events
Addis Ababa,

Betty G released her debut LP Manew Fitsum. The album was met with instant acclaim from all who heard it, and quickly found its way into the grateful hands of hoards of her fans around the world. The record comprises 13 original songs for an approximate total listening time of one hour, making for a comprehensive introduction to Betty G’s uniquely captivating repertoire.

Praise for Man Yawkal:

“the most exciting album from the African continent in 2015 so far” – BEFOREITSNEWS.COM

“an album with uplifting and evocative songs” – Music Talkers

Betty G has recently been featured on Coke Studio Africa which is a TV show produced by Coca-Cola at Film Studios in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi. Coke Studio Africa is a dynamic music fusion platform whereby musicians and music producers from different African markets are brought together to collaborate and produce great music, creating an amazing sound. Betty G has been paired with Cameroon’s group X-Maleya to record original tracks, collabos and cover songs that became hits. This experience, that gave them the chance to share their musical and cultural aspects, has already exposed both artists to each other’s countries. Future plans have also been set out so that they can work closely which further gives them the opportunity to discover what works best for them and to give it back to their shared fans. This may include co-headlining tours, studio recording and music