Tushi Polo & Zion MC, MC Black Pearl

Tushi Polo, Zion MC & MC Black Peal

Tushi Polo, Zion MC & MC Black Peal
Sunday 20th September 2015
4 pm (16:00 hrs)
Upper stage

It is three ladies in collaboration for the first time; Tushi Polo a Ugandan female rapper, singer, songwriter and actress; Zion MC aka Nakagwa Shakira is 20yrs female rapper inspired by Eminem, MC Lyte, Missy Elliot, Rakim, Lady Slyke, 2pac Shakur, Eve and Queen Latifah; and MC Black Pearl a recording and performing artist, she has performed in Tanzania, Australia, Kenya and Uganda. As lady MCs, Tushi Polo, Zion MC and MC Black Pearl will be performing #BAYIMBA2015 on Sunday 20th Sept. at 4pm (16hrs) on the Upper stage.