MC Yalla | Uganda

MC Yallah

MC Yalla | Uganda
Friday 18th September 2015
6 pm (18:00 hrs)
Upper Stage

MC Yallah aka Yallah Gaudencia Mbidde is a Kenyan female hip-hop artist born in 1983. Influenced by the Fugees, Queen Pen and Vanilla Ice. She entered the hip-hop industry in Uganda in late 1999, as a pioneering female hip-hop artist, with most performances at DV8, a by then hang-out joint that became a launching-pad for many of Uganda’s music elite. She quickly rose to be one of the most prominent and recognized female emcees in Uganda. MC Yallah makes music that ministers to people’s souls. Her desire is to see the youths of this generation with integrity, being motivated to work, learn and be better leaders of tomorrow. She will be performing #BAYIMBA2015 on Friday 18th Sept. at 6pm (18hrs) on the Upper stage.