MC Twitch | Uganda

MC Twitch

MC Twitch | Uganda
Sunday 20th September 2015
3 pm (15:00 hrs)
Upper Stage

Acen Patricia Bridget aka MC Twitch is an Acholi female Rapper and Breakdancer. She was born in 1993. Started her rap career in 2006 inspired by Da Brat’s music which she started performing in school. MC Twitch has written and recorded her own music including songs like Swaggana, Its Okay, Ya All Don’t Know Me, keep knocking etc. Being the only female Rapper in Gulu, MC Twitch has encountered very many challenges from people who think that it’s inappropriate for a lady to rap. She is still struggling hard to inspire more female rappers in Northern Uganda through her music.

She will be performing #BAYIMBA2015 on Sunday 20th Sept. at 3pm (15hrs) on the Upper stage.