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Matia Luyima | Uganda

Matia Luyima

Matia Luyima | Uganda
Friday 18th
9 pm (21:00 hrs)

Matia Luyima’s music career has always thrived on teamwork and collaborations. That’s why at the peak of his Kadongo kamu career in the 1980s; he never reached the fame of former band mates Christopher Ssebadduka or Dan Mugula. But what sets Luyima apart as a legend are the trendsetting attributes, particularly his initiation of drama to the once laidback genre. Hassan Badru Zziwa traces how Luyima forever changed Kadongo kamu shows with his highly-emotional performances that energized audiences. The now 63-year-old is also credited for introducing Kadongokamu duets in the bygone era when stars thrived on self-reliance. Beyond that, Luyima remains one of the few old-school musicians that have stuck to the core values of the genre, which has metamorphosed in recent years mainly as a result of technological advancement.

Matia Luyimba will be performing #BAYIMBA2015 on Friday 18th Sept. at 9pm (21hrs) in the Main Auditorium.