Jay Sention & Vanjoe

Jay Sentino & MC Vanjoe

Jay Sentino & MC Vanjoe | Uganda
Saturday 19th September 2015
4 pm (16:00 hrs)
Upper stage

Jay Sentino Senior raps for more than five minutes none stop, livening up the crowd with their arms in the air like they are receiving the Holy Spirit. He is acknowledged as the first Ugandan emcee to come as the Third-runner-up in the International End of The Weak MC Challenge in 2014 held at Open House – Uganda.

Vanjoe is a Musoga from the music group called Talanta Youth Movement. He has so far recorded 5 songs and several collaborations with various artistes. He has performed at different events in Jinja.

Both artists, Jay Sentino and Vanjoe will be performing together #BAYIMBA2015 on Saturday 19th Sept. at 4pm (16hrs) on the Upper stage.