DJ Esa Williams | UK / SA

Esa Williams aka Esa & Mervin Granger

Esa Williams aka Esa & Mervin Granger | UK / SA
Saturday 19th September 2015
11 pm (23:00 hrs)
Main Stage

Esa Williams arrival in London is a loss to his adopted city of Glasgow, where, for the past 7 years he played a valuable role in the city’s thriving music scene. By day, providing a helping hand with many of his fellow producers in the city, conducting workshops on behalf of Abelton, Red Bull Music Academy and Apple. By Night, rocking any dancefloor worthwhile being on when he plays his unique and contagious take on house music. An integral part of the Auntie Flo live set up, he has played at Europes leading venues and festival. He comes to perform #BAYIMBA2015, with exactly the same attitude, it wont be a revenge but Electronic.

Catch both Dj Esa and Auntie Flo on Saturday 19th Sept. at 11pm (23hrs) on the main stage.