Cyno Mc | Uganda

Cyno MC

Cyno MC | Uganda
Sunday 20th September 2015
6 pm (18:00 hrs)
Upper Stage

Cyno MC aka Moses Mpiima was born in 1990 in Katwe, a slum district on the edge of Kampala, His talent in music was realized at a young age when he joined the church choir that exposed him to gospel and soul music. Since then, Cyno has been producing Hip Hop and Reggae music. In 2011, Cyno’s music career suffered a setback when he was diagnosed with a failing aortic valve in his heart, which would require open heart surgery and the continuous use of medication. It was at this time of need that the global Hip Hop community rallied together and raised the money necessary to fly him to Germany and have the open heart surgery. In 2012 he was fully recovered and used his experience as the basis of a new album with a fresh focus. Cyno released his first Hip Hop album and gained airplay within Ugandan radio and T.V stations. He then toured the album throughout Europe, playing shows in Germany, Denmark, Czech Republic, and France.

Cyno MC will be sharing his love for hip hop #BAYIMBA2015 on Sunday 20th Sept. at 6pm (18hrs) on the Upper stage.