Aly Keita

Aly Keïta

Aly Keïta | Ivory Coast
Saturday 19th September 2015
7pm (19hrs)
Main Stage

Meeting Aly Keïta is a great opportunity to discover what being “passionate about music” really means. When Aly speaks or plays music, he shares his enthusiasm with those around him, with a glimmer of a dream in his eyes. Always smiling, he communicates his joie de vivre and energy to each and every person. “I want my music to be alive and energetic, full of hope and love, music that I can share with the public and through which the public and I can share our joy.” – Aly says.

Indefatigable king of the balafon, Aly Keïta will be performing in collaboration with Joel Sebunjo and Kareyce Fotso #BAYIMBA2015 on Saturday 19th Sept. at 7pm (19hrs) main stage – as he continues his journey towards perfection and originality, to the delight of this audience that he respects so much