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Kareyce Fotso | Cameroon

Kareyce Fotso

Kareyce Fotso | Cameroon
Saturday 19th September 2015
7 pm (19:00 hrs)
Main Stage

Kareyce Fotso was born in Bamileke, Cameroon. With a background including bio-chemistry, cinema, broadcasting and photography, she has won awards for comedy, sung backing for Sally Nyolo and invited to guest with Habib Koite.
Kareyce Fotso has constructed her new repertoire as if it were Cameroon itself: a place of harmony, a hub of encounters and love between peoples. Several regions inhabit this album; eight different languages resonate naturally. Whether she is speaking, singing, whistling, whispering, dancing, playing the guitar or drums, Kareyce unfolds before us much more than a small corner of the world map.

She will be performing in collaboration with Joel Sebunjo and Aly Keita #BAYIMBA2015 on Saturday 19th Sept. at 7pm (19hrs) on the main stage.